Container Shelters by Igloo Shelters Sydney

new igloo shelters

Container Shelters for Sale by Igloo Shelters Sydney Container Shelters for Sale by Igloo Shelters  located in Sydney, Australia. Igloo Shelters are container shelters that have been engineer designed for durability, strength and weatherproofing capabilities. The Igloo Shelters are completely weatherproof and incredibly durable, due to being made from high quality unique, PVC coated fabric, […]

Container Shelters

igloo shelter

Container Shelters – Igloo Shelter services by Price and Speed Price and Speed have developed a new Igloo Shelter,  which is a multipurpose structure, commonly used between shipping containers, as seen in the pictures below. This has given them the nickname of container shelters or shipping container shelters. They are made from a curved structural steel […]